SBACO with the support of NRC/UNHCR had mutual partnership with NRC on PRMN project in Galkayo since 2011. The project is aimed at elevating the protection of the population of concern in the selected IDP settlements in North Galkayo. The project activities included monitoring of the abuse and violations, case documentation, advocacy and referral. The advocacy part is the integral component of this project to make communities more aware about their fundamental rights, engage different community groups in addressing/reporting the protection cases in their respective IDP settlements. Women and Girls living in the IDP settlements are often exposed to violence, with the perpetrators being their couples. According to the data submitted by our Monitors, more women are being abused by their husbands than other perpetrators. Domestic Violence remains the key issue in the IDP settlements since the competition for the scarce income triggers dispute between the couples. Women are denied of their rights, denied of her income by the husbands who normally want to use the income for satisfying his personal needs rather than the family. SBACO is planning to engage IDP community elites in settling domestic disputes, creation of dialogues/negotiations between the IDP couples. SBACO will engage these traditional elites to raise awareness on Problems of domestic violence, neglect of husband to provide food and other basic needs to the family. The Process will be community-owned, grass root initiative with zero inputs from SBACO