Aisha is a 38 year old mother of 6 children living in the Halabokhad IDP settlement in North Galkayo. Aisha and her family were forced to flee Mogadishu 7 years ago due to the ongoing conflict in Somalia.She currently lives in the IDP settlement with her children and husband. Limited RH services available in the settlement had left Aisha worry about her health and her non given birth child since she had suffered from prolonged labor on her last pregnancy and was very difficult that she could not deliver the child normally. There has no option for her and her family other than keeping her at home till her deliver. As result, Aisha lost her baby and blooded heavily. This is was due to lack of trained Midwife and also free health care available for her.


Foos was TBA living in Halabokhad IDP settlement who usually earns some incentives when she delivers a pregnant woman.  Foos had neither been trained nor having any equipment but many women in the settlement including Aisha were the client of Foos Abdirnuur. She has been supporting Aisha in her last pregnancy which she suffered from prolonged labor.


SBACO implemented Maternity Waiting Homes project funded by UNFPA  which provides an Integrated Reproductive Health services and putting  place an approach to respond to challenges facing pregnant mothers and their babies through promotion and capacitating of the TBAs and linking up to the MWHS and assigned them as health promoters. In June 2012, Foos along with other health promoters in the 9 maternity waiting homes (MWHs) in North and South Galkacyo were selected to be trained as health promoters in receiving and approaching pregnant women. Integrated in their training was how to link pregnant to the MWH’s skilled midwives for further support and care.


The main role of health promoter is to raise awareness on safe-mother hood after she has been provided trainings on safe-motherhood. Foos’s main tasks include awareness, registration and mobilization the pregnant mothers to the MWH Centre. Foos also receives on-job training and does not perform deliveries now. Foos works in Halabokhad MWH and earn some incentives to avoid further risk to the pregnant mothers by Foos and other TBAs. Thus the project changed her status from Traditional Birth Attendants to health promoter to gain more knowledge and skill to support pregnant mothers like Aisha.


Foos and the team became an important link in achieving this. When interviewed, Foos  said she felt her efforts and new skills were adding value to pregnant mothers especially in referring the cases to the Centre.”Now we are not at risk, I can help the my clients to the best of my ability’ and clients are happy with free of charge services” As a result, acquired skills, whilst enhancing her communicational skills, In addition, she has improved on her understanding in general especially in observing to trace pregnant women to call them for three antenatal visits to know in advance the complication.


Prior to the training, Foos used to conduct deliveries and put at risk many women and said “unable to know if pregnant women need higher attention and sometime women die for it” During the interview, Foos shares her experience and the impact the training has had on her work’before the training, both the pregnant woman and I were at risk. Foos 38 year old trained Health Promoterin Halabokhad MWH in North Galkacyo.