SBACO in Partnership with UNFPA is currently implementing MWH project in 9 IDPs and 2 villages in North and South Galkacyo. The Project is a new initiative which has been adopted by UNFPA Somalia in 2009 to reduce Maternal and Neonatal Mortality and Morbidity. Somalia is one of the Top countries with high maternal mortality and morbidity. The program have skilled midwives assisted by Health promoters in mobilizing pregnant mothers. Health promoters were given the title “Health Promoters” to remove the word “Birth” as in the case of the middle letter. Health promoters have a long history in the community. Their roles range from circumcising young girls to attending births. In this regard, they are considered as integral part of the community. They have been given BeMoc training by UNFPA and other agencies. The fall down and the anarchy in Somalia have created a vacuum in every sector in the community.